Data flows on and around a farm


The data in this category includes all data relating to sustainability.

MineralsInformation about the mineral balance of a farm. For example, VDM and Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment data.

PasturingPasturing and grazing data.

Biodiversity Information about biodiversity on a farm.


The data in this category includes all data relating to the fertility of the livestock at a location.

GestationAll information about when a cow is gestating.

Pregnancy checks Documented pregnancy tests.

Estrus reports Cow heat data.

InseminationsInsemination data of all animals in the livestock.

Estrus activities Data on activity related to heat.

Financial data

The data of the financial affairs on a farm.

InvoicesGeneral invoice data such as UBL, Invoice EAB and Hortifact data.

Milk invoices Invoices relating to milk settlements.


Health data of livestock on a farm.

Weights Weights of animals.

Health reports Reports about the health data collected about the animals.

Health activities Data on the health-related activities of animals.


All data relating to livestock registration and their locations.

Basic stock list List of the basic identification data of the registered animals of a farm.

Stock list movements Movement data of animals of a farm.

Detailed stock list Comprehensive descriptions of all registered animals on a farm.


Identification data for farmers .

Identification tags Identification number of animals.

Company registration data UBN/BRS/COC data.

Customer numbers Farm customer numbers with various commercial parties.

Key figures

Key figures for a farm.

Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment key figures All calculated data of a farm based on Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment data.

Laboratory reports

Information based on laboratory tests.

General laboratory reports General laboratory data.

Research results for fertilization Laboratory data on fertilization.

Research results for feed Laboratory data on nutrition.

Research results for manure and compost Laboratory data on fertilization and composting.

Research results for food safety Laboratory data on food safety.

Research results for soil health Laboratory data on the health of soil samples.


Logistical data for a farm.

Shipping messages All outgoing transport flow data.

Delivery messages All incoming delivery dates.


All dairy-related yields.

Milking moments The moment when a cow visits a milking robot.

Milk deliveries The number of liters milked per cow.

Milk quality Data about the quality of the milk.

EDI dairy EDI dairy message in accordance with the agro connect standard.

Dairy data General dairy data.


Plot details of a farm.

Plot registrations Plot information from the RVO.


Slaughter data of a farm.

Slaughter data Slaughter data of a farm, e.g. EDI slaughter.


Data on the feed of livestock on a farm.

Water intake Data on the water consumption of an animal.

Milk intake Data on the milk consumption of an animal.

Feed intake Data on the feed consumption of an animal.