We are JoinData: an independent platform focused on farmers

We are an independent data platform that believes in agricultural innovation with heart and soul – but only if you, as a farmer, can make the most of it. We put you in charge of your own data and of who is allowed to use it. Because we are a non-profit organization, we can invest as much as possible in the security, privacy and farmer friendliness of our platform.

Agricultural data is a gold mine

From milking robot to harvest drone: our agricultural sector is technically one of the most advanced in the world. Perfect for farmers: technology and data help them to manage their businesses innovatively and effectively.

But what about privacy and security?

Do you know which parties can access your data and what they do with it? How many signatures have you had to put on authorization forms (and where are they)? Do you trust that your sensitive company information is transmitted securely?

We believe it must – and can – be done differently

The disadvantage of modern technology is that we are lagging far behind in how we deal with data. JoinData exists to help us catch up. We have developed a robust and independent data platform, in which you are in charge of your own data. Through our platform, your data is safe, your privacy is guaranteed and no one can use your data for purposes you do not agree with.

Staff members

Sener Celik

Hanneke Burggraaff
Lead Client Services

Renze van de Kuilen
Lead Operations & Support

Jaap van Beusekom
data integration specialist

Arjan Lamers
Software Architect

Stef Sneekes

Robbert Cazemier
delivery manager

Gerhard van Steenbergen
delivery manager

Corné van Schaik
Delivery Manager

Bobby Lozeman
Delivery Manager

Nicole Rintjema
Office & Marketing Manager

Francis van Laar
Finance employee

Janet Gorter
Finance Manager

Mitchel Wassens
Support employee

Friso Boltjes
Support employee

Huub van Workum
Support employee

Jesse Bosch
Support employee

How we came to be

In 2017, we launched as a cooperative. The idea for JoinData arose during the Smart Dairy Farming initiative. This initiative arose from collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions, TNO and dairy farmers with the aim of stimulating innovation on the farm. CRV, FrieslandCampina and Agrifirm were at the forefront of this.


Smart Dairy Farming start as a project for precision farming

End Smart Dairy Farming


Datahub restarts with CRV, Agrifirm and FrieslandCampina as founding partners

JoinData: Establishment JoinData U.A.

LTO joins



Rabobank joins

Start of Mijn JoinData platform


Renewal Mijn JoinData platform

Cosun and Avebe join


Vion and POV join

Rollout Dairy Farming

Rollout Pigmeat Sector & Agriculture

Transition membership from FrieslandCampina to NZO

In 2017 – when partners LTO Nederland, EDI-Circle (partnership of accountants), and later also Rabobank, joined – the non-profit cooperative JoinData was founded. Together, they saw a need for data sharing within the sector. This demand came not only from organizations that want to make data available or use data, but also especially from farmers who want to be in control when it comes to their data. From a solid foundation with the members, we continue to build our data platform, and with the addition of the arable cooperatives Cosun and Avebe and the pig sector Vion and POV, we realize and optimize a broad platform for sharing data in the agricultural sector.

We work with, among others