We want to decide who sees our data

Dairy farmer Mathé van den Bosch doesn't mince his words: his data belongs to him. ‘It's unbelievable how many agencies can request and view my milk production just like that. Good thing that with JoinData, us farmers can now decide for ourselves who is allowed to look.’

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Manage all your permissions in one convenient overview

Who can see your incoming invoices? Can the manufacturer of your milking robot take a look at the health of your herd? What data do you share with your feed advisor or with your supplier for crop protection products? Your permissions overview gives you answers to all these data questions. But we offer more than just an overview. We also put you in control. For example, you can simply revoke an authorization if you want to.

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The great thing is: you don’t have to do anything special. Log in with eHerkenning and you can immediately see which entities are allowed to view your data.

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Our mission

Put the farmer back behind the wheel

In our technically modern country, agricultural data provides wonderful innovations. As an independent platform, we want farmers to be able to take full advantage of this progress. Sharing data should and can be safer, fairer and, above all, with the farmer being in control.

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Safety first and privacy guaranteed

We ensure that your data works optimally for you and that no one can abuse it. If someone wants to use it, they first need to ask for this via our platform. Do you give them permission? Then you can rest assured that your data will only be used for the purpose you have agreed to.

You decide who can access and use your data

All agricultural data sent to customers via our platform is encrypted. Only the parties that are allowed by you can access that data. This way, we ensure that your privacy is safeguarded, and you don’t have to worry about whether your data has been shared securely.