Frequently Asked Questions

About JoinData

Who is JoinData?

JoinData is a non-profit co-operative with the object of facilitating easy, efficient and secure data sharing. JoinData itself has no interest in your data, but ensures that data are shared securely through a 'digital data highway' and are not open to unauthorized use. You can manage your authorizations for sharing data and view your data streams through My JoinData. Based on the cooperative concept, the aim is to connect all parties, to enable you to gain maximum benefit and retain control over your own data and authorizations.

Who is JoinData intended for?

JoinData is now being used by organizations and businesses in the dairy, arable and pig-farming sectors. The parties affiliated to the cooperative are attempting to get other sectors, such as poultry farming and horticulture, to join the platform. Through the use of a central platform for the entire agricultural sector, data sharing can take place as efficiently as possible. Together with security and convenience, these are the advantages provided by JoinData to agricultural entrepreneurs and chain partners.

How does data sharing work in practice?

JoinData has a so-called 'digital data highway'. It ensures efficient and safe 'transport' of your data, which includes only data for which you have authorized a party. Sharing data via JoinData minimizes the risk that your data are subjected to unauthorized use or that a data leak leads to negative publicity. JoinData shares data in accordance with legal requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This guarantees the privacy of individuals.

What does JoinData do with the data provided by me and other farmers?

JoinData only transports data, just like a postal company: only with the farmer’s permission (which can be compared to the use of the "yes/no sticker"). JoinData has no interest in the data itself. JoinData only looks after safe transport of the data. JoinData also ensures that the data end up at the right users and can be used. Of course, only with permission (authorization) from you as agricultural entrepreneur.

Why does my supplier or my customer choose to work with JoinData?

JoinData is a platform facilitating the exchange of data in a safe and transparent way. The company and many suppliers in the agricultural sector want all parties in the sector to be able to handle your data carefully and efficiently. They therefore believe it is essential that you know which authorizations you have given for which purpose and for how long. They also want the issue of the authorizations and the use of the data to be in line with the privacy legislation, which is in the interest of all agricultural entrepreneurs.

Is something wrong with my current permissions?

There is basically nothing wrong with your current permissions. However, the problem of the current situation is that not all authorizations are listed together. It may well be that you have issued a number of authorizations on paper (signed) while you have issued other authorizations digitally. Besides, an authorization may be out of date, for example if you have switched to a different feed supplier without withdrawing the authorization from your former supplier. Bringing all your authorizations together digitally on the My JoinData platform will provide you with an overview and you can manage your authorizations at any time.

Is data traffic through JoinData safe?

Yes, JoinData guarantees that data traffic is safe. JoinData is ISO 27001 certified. This means that annual audits take place with regard to process information and data security. JoinData always makes sure that our methods and procedures are in accordance with the current laws and regulations and we work with the legal requirements for sharing data, such as for example the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is JoinData’s organizational structure?

Would you like to learn more about JoinData and the organizational structure? Please click here hier.

Privacy en security

Who checks whether JoinData observes all laws and regulations concerning the GDPR and the exchange of data?

JoinData has an independent supervisory board, which supervises the business operations of JoinData and is not employed by our members. In addition, JoinData is certified for information security (ISO 27001) and independent audits are performed annually by JoinData. The entire platform is developed using proven technology in security. JoinData’s entire organization is coordinated in line with the GDPR. JoinData has a data-protection officer and treats all data as personal data. Even if the data is related to an animal, for example, since in many cases this can be traced back to the organization. JoinData also has an independent audit committee that verifies that the work processes, the data distribution and the operational course of events meet all the requirements. This committee has members nominated by organizations representing farmers: LTO, POV, NMV and NAV, the VLB offices and an independent privacy and data-security expert. Go here. for more information about the privacy policy of JoinData.

Is data traffic through JoinData safe?

Yes, JoinData guarantees that data traffic is safe. JoinData is ISO 27001 certified. This means that annual audits take place in process information and data security. We always makes sure that our methods and procedures are in accordance with the current laws and regulations.

How does JoinData ensure that data is not hacked?

The basic principle is that data remains at the source where possible and we store as little data as possible. If a data-sharing request comes in, the requested data is retrieved and distributed. In addition, we apply modern security requirements to our platform and are regularly assessed by the audit committee and for the renewal of the ISO certification.

How do I know that my data only end up at the organization for which I have given permission?

No data will be distributed without active permission through the JoinData platform. When a request to share data is received, we will first check if an active permission is available. Only in that case the data will be distributed to the requester. This means that as a farmer, you are always in control of the data you share and the organization you want to share it with.

How do I know that the customer will only use my data for the purpose stated in the authorization?

According to laws and regulations, a user of data may only use the requested data for the purpose (purpose limitation) stated in the authorization. This means that data may not be used for other purposes. If the requester wants to use the data for other purposes, he has to ask you for a new authorization. The parties who receive data are responsible for compliance with the rules. However, if you suspect that your data is also used for other purposes, you can report this to the party in question or directly to the Personal Data Authority: Complaint to the AP | Netherlands Authority for the Protection of Personal Data Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Where can I report a (suspected) data leak?

You can report a (suspected) data leak to the organization in question. The organization then has a duty to investigate this further and, in the event of a serious data leak, to report it to the Personal Data Authority. Depending on the seriousness of the data leak, the AP and/or the parties involved will be informed by the organization in question.

About Permissions / My JoinData

What do I use My JoinData for?

Through My JoinData you will have an instant overview of all the parties that you have given permission to access your data. If companies and organizations want access to your data, they will have to make a request through the platform. If you see an authorization that you do not want (such as the authorization to a former supplier), you can withdraw the old authorization and the data stream will stop. With the clear dashboard of My JoinData you can manage your own permissions and data and decide which parties can access your data. This means you keep control over your authorizations and data.

How does My JoinData work?

There are 3 videos that provide support on the platform. In My JoinData, a one-time logon will provide insight in all your active data flows. View the instruction video that helps you to logon. Do you want more information about managing your authorizations? This video provides an explanation about the authorizations overview in My JoinData. Finally, there is a video that gives an impression of the entire My JoinData platform.

What can I do with an authorization?

You can perform the following actions for each authorization: activate, reject, change the end date and withdraw. For each authorization you can see who is allowed to use your data, which data, for what purpose and for how long they may be used.

Where are the new permissions?

On the tab 'open authorizations' you can see which authorizations can be approved. Here you can see which organization wants to receive the data, for what purpose and how long the authorization will be active. Via data types you can see which data the requester is allowed to view after you have given your approval. By using the 'actions' button you will have the following options concerning the authorization: accept, reject, change the end date and withdraw.

What does activating/accepting an authorization mean?

From the moment you accept an authorization, JoinData makes sure, through the data highway, that your data is only shared with the party you have given permission to. In this authorization you can see exactly which data, for what purpose and for how long they can be used.

Can I withdraw an authorization?

Yes, you can withdraw an authorization by using the 'actions' button on every authorization. From that moment on, the data will no longer be shared with the requester. Please note: stopping the sharing of data may have consequences. In the so-called purpose limitation of the authorization you can read for which purpose the data are used and what the effect will be if the authorization is removed. On this basis you can decide whether or not you wish to share data.

What happens if I withdraw an authorization?

This depends on the agreements you have made with the organization authorized by you. The recipient of the data can impose conditions if you do not accept an authorization; you can see these in the purpose limitation of the authorization.

What is the difference between withdrawal of an authorization and refusing an authorization?

Once authorization is withdrawn, the data will no longer be shared with the requester. You can restore a withdrawn authorization by re-approving it. You cannot restore a rejected authorization yourself. The only way to do this is for the requester to submit a new authorization, which can then be approved by you.

Can an organization still use my data after I withdraw my authorization for that organization?

No, from the moment you have withdrawn the authorization, no more data will stream for the purpose for which this authorization was given.

I have accidentally withdrawn an authorization, can I undo this?

Yes, that you can. You can at all times accept an authorization again by using the 'revoked' tab on 'Authorizations'.

What is the purpose limitation of an authorization?

The purpose limitation states the purpose for which the customer may use your data. It also states the type of data and the period for which the customer wants to use your data. For example: you authorize your dairy company to use I&R data such as animal registrations and stable lists. The authorization also states that the data may be used to calculate the lifespan of disposed animals. The authorization then applies only to that specific purpose.

What if I don't recognize an authorization or I don't agree with it?

Inquiries about an authorization can be made with the party who requested the authorization, for example your feed supplier, accountant, sensor supplier etc. In addition, you can always withdraw an authorization through My JoinData, using the button 'actions' on the 'authorizations' tab. From that moment, the data will no longer be shared with the requester.

When does my authorization through My JoinData expire?

The authorizations expire when the end date has passed, which can be found in the authorization itself. Of course you can also choose to revoke or extend an authorization at any time by adjusting the end date.

Where can I go if I have questions or if something is wrong with an authorization?

If you have questions about an authorization or problems with any authorization, please contact the party who wants to use your data or with whom you want to share your data. Example: if an accountancy firm asks you to authorize the sharing of certain data and something goes wrong or you are unable to work out a problem: contact the accountant in question. The same applies to authorization for data sharing with your suppliers.

What is a message type?

A message type is a type of message, for example an invoice message, a slaughter message or a message produced by a climate computer or milking robot.

What is a customer?

A customer is an organization or supplier to whom you have given an authorization. This party would like to have certain data from your company. By clicking on the tab 'customers' you receive an overview of the data you share and for what purpose with this organization.

What is a data supplier?

A data supplier is a party that supplies data, for example the feed supplier, supplier of the milking robot, your dairy company, a slaughterhouse or a sensor supplier.

Can I change my data by myself?

Company registration and location details are provided by the Chamber of Commerce. You can change your Chamber of Commerce number at the Chamber of Commerce. The E-herkenning linked to a new Chamber of Commerce number is requested from the eHerkenning provider. You can change your name and email address on the JoinData platform.

What about Annual Nutrient Cycling Assessment authorizations and JoinData?

In My JoinData you can find authorizations of various data purchasers, including authorizations concerning your Kringloopwijzer (Annual Nutrient Cycling Assessment). If you log on via, you find only the authorizations that involve access, management or allocation of an authorization for your own Annual Nutrient Cycling Assessment environment. The authorizations you find in synchronize with the authorizations in My JoinData. This means that you can independently decide in which location you want to accept, reject or withdraw the authorization. This will automatically be visible in both environments.

Why is my Chamber of Commerce number relevant?

eHerkenning is related to the Chamber of Commerce number and through eHerkenning, you can log in to JoinData. The Chamber of Commerce number is the unique number that is used by multiple data sources. This number legally defines who owns a company and who is allowed to approve an authorization. The Chamber of Commerce number is used by your suppliers.

Why does JoinData use eHerkenning?

This is often used by RVO (National Agency for Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands) and meets current security standards. With eHerkenning you can also be sure that the authorization has been issued by you. In addition, for your account with JoinData you will not have to enter a separate password and user name.

I've heard that I can also arrange eHerkenning with JoinData. What does this service entail?

Via JoinData, you can also receive eHerkenning at very little cost. This service is provided by JoinData to all agricultural entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Refer to the link to deze pagina.

What are the costs of JoinData for me as a farmer?

As a farmer, you pay a fixed amount of 50 euros per year. This is the fee for using the My JoinData tool, which you can use to easily manage your authorizations. That way you keep control of your own data. As JoinData is a cooperative, the rates can be kept as low as possible. By using JoinData you will gain insight into your data streams and you can manage your permissions in one place. From the second quarter of 2022, you will receive an invoice directly from JoinData. Parties that want to use your data, such as accountancy firms, slaughterhouses, dairy-, feed- and sensor suppliers, pay a fee to JoinData for the 'transport' of your data.

What do I receive for those 50 euros?

This provides you with a direct overview of your authorizations, more control over your data streams and you can easily manage your own authorizations via the platform. In this way you will have a clear overview of who is using your data, for what purpose and how long it has been there. Since your suppliers also connect to JoinData, you can share your data automatically and more efficiently, which provides convenience and a better quality of shared data. As a farmer, you do not pay for the distribution of data.

Is JoinData obligatory?

JoinData does not require you to log on, this is always up to you. If you receive an authorization request from your milk-or fodder supplier or your accountant, you can indicate that you do not wish to join / do not want to accept the authorization via JoinData. They will then be able to inform you about other options.

I don’t want to make use of JoinData, how do I unsubscribe?

Via JoinData you can now see your existing authorizations of parties affiliated with JoinData. These authorizations you issued in the past – often on papier -, it’s just that now they are digitally available. JoinData itself has no interest in your data, we do not touch it, but just ensure that your data is shared only with parties authorized by you. Without your approval, no data will be issued. Parties affiliated with JoinData have chosen to make use of the JoinData’s data-freeway, because then the transport of your data is done in a safe and efficient way. If you fail to pay the fee for the subscription of My JoinData, you can no longer make use of JoinData. If you receive an authorization request from your milk- or fodder supplier or your accountant, you can indicate that you do not wish to join / do not want to accept the authorization via JoinData. They will then be able to inform you about other options. Discontinuing: send an email to with your data and your CoC-number. JoinData will subsequently deactivate your account.